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The new publication of Mark Child's Book - THE SWINDON BOOK priced 12.95
can be purchased from The Central Library (other outlets are available).

Meanwhile, at the Swindon Society...
The Society are anxious to keep up with the ever changing face of Swindon, we have a few members (more are wanted) who supply the Society with images of recent developments.

Images of the area you live in (i.e. shops, businesses, buildings, street scenes with street signs) including rows of houses, buildings, parks, to sum up how your area is today and any alterations that take place.

Look though the family shoe box of photographs. We are interested in images with people and buildings, such as Weddings, churches, factories, shops, street scenes, carnivals, sport, the arts, etc.

Before and after, then and now images are very important, so get that camera out and start 'snapping' your area today!!

Should you require further information contact anyone of your Committee or email

Thank you
The Swindon Society

Titanic Appeal:
Further to the article on this website,

if there are any descendants of Benjamin and

Ellen Howard still living in the Swindon area who may be able

to provide any photos of the couple and their children,

please contact Kevin Bizey at Thank you.