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Swindon Society Meeting Review

13th December 2017

Swindon Society Christmas Party

Our last meeting of the year was our members’ Christmas party. On arrival everyone received a complimentary raffle ticket for the draw that was taking place later in the evening.

The nibbles and mince pies were laid out at the back of the hall with the drinks all set up at the back but to the right of the food. Lots of tables were laid out with a bowl of nuts on each and chairs all around the tables all ready for our members to arrive and have a chat.

Andy welcomed everyone to the party and then, to kick off the festivities, Diane Everett and Paul Williams handed out laminated images from around the town for members on each table to guess the locations in a team effort.

Answer sheets were provided for each table and the images were handed from table to table as the evening progressed. Meanwhile members were invited to help themselves to a plate of nibbles and a drink while they waited for the images to arrive at their table. Everyone was having a good natter and Christmas music was playing in the background, which helped to create a lovely festive atmosphere.

After a while, Diane announced that she was going to draw half of the raffle prizes, with the other half to be drawn a little later on. Everyone waited eagerly to hear if their number was going to be called out. Those who were lucky enough had the pleasure of choosing a mystery raffle prize from the many wrapped packages which were spread out on the tables at the front of the hall.

What your chosen prize would turn out to be was anyone’s guess and this all added to the fun!

The evening carried on with the refilling of members’ glasses and another mince pie for those who wanted one and the picture quiz eventually made its way round to the last table. When the last table had finished, each table swapped its answer sheet with its neighbour to mark while Diane and Paul told everyone the correct answers and where the locations in the pictures actually were. The sheets were then collected so that Diane could work out which table had the highest score.

Then, the lights dimmed, and David Bedford presented us with a few photos on the big screen and invited members to shout out the answers. As usual, it was sometimes tricky to tell where the locations were, but it was amusing to hear some of the various answers that were suggested before we found out for sure where they were.

For the final part of the evening, Diane proceeded to call the second half of the raffle and the rest of the mysterious prizes were collected by the various lucky winners. I think at least half of the party-goers went home with a prize there were so many!

Finally, Andy drew the evening to a close and wished everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Then right at the end, someone asked “which table won the picture quiz?” After a quick check Diane congratulated the table with the highest score… they know who they are.

Angie Phillips