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Swindon Society Meeting Review

Wednesday 14th March 2018

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Members’ Interest evenings take on a different format to our usual meetings. There is no speaker and no set subject. Members are invited to bring along memorabilia, collections and anything else they would like to share with the Society. What will appear is anybody’s guess and this conjures up the surprise element.

Not everything brought along will interest everybody but for some people it may take them on a trip down memory lane; find something out they didn’t know; add a missing piece to their family history research; provide information to the contributor and in one case share a raffle prize from the Christmas party.

There was a picture of children taken at King William Street School and the contributor was asking if anybody knew the children and could put names to the faces. By sharing the photograph, she has found one member possibly two who have relations on it. I didn’t really get a chance to look around at everything but the feeling I got from the members who attended was that it was a good evening and one that may be held again. Perhaps next time you might have something you would like to bring along and share.

Nicola Shackell - April 2018

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