School Visits

Robert Le Kyng Primary School - June 2013

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Members of the Swindon Society and the Swindon Heritage magazine joined forces yet again for another hugely successful schools guided walk project... and thankfully the weather was considerably better than our previous foray with Lethbridge School.

During the summer term Bob, Diane, Andy and Frances accompanied two classes from Robert le Kyng Primary School on a heritage walk around the Railway Village and the GWR Faringdon Road Park.

The sixty 7 year olds from Mrs Bennett and Mrs Townsend’s classes were enthusiastic heritage trail blazers. Sadly Swindon’s wonderful railway history was all new to these youngsters whose parents were also probably born after the Works closed.

The children returned to school for a fun slideshow presentation given by Andy.

Follow up work in the classroom included a batch of thank you letters written by the children.

Highlights from the walk appear to have been the outside toilets, peeing in a potty – oh, and Andy Binks.

Some of the children’s letters are shown.

There will also be a report in the next edition of Swindon Heritage due out in August.

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