Programme - 2018

2019Presentation Title Presenter
13th March Swindon Town FC - 50 Years Since the League Cup Win
It’s 50 years since this great day in March 1969; reminiscing about Roger Smart, Don Rogers, John Trollope and many more.
Kevin Bizley
10th April Local Studies: Collecting the Stories of the Pig Hill
Swindon’s Local Studies team present some of their most interesting and unusual photographs and other items that they have acquired in recent years.
Darryl Moody,
Local Studies Librarian
8th May Members’ Choice - Preceded by the AGM
Our own members get a chance to show the pictures they love best… Become a member and you could choose yours too!
Members’ Contributions
12th June Summer Outing (TBA)
As summer beckons enjoy an evening away from watching the big screen. What would you like to do? Give us your suggestions.